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Pennsylvania Politics

The good news…no more snarlin’ Arlen. The bad news…no more snarlin’ Arlen.

Joe Sestak ran a great campaign against Specter, highlighted by a commercial where Arlen explains that he switched parties “to get elected.” It made Specter look like a sleazy opportunist who would say or do anything to keep his phony baloney job. In other words, it was dead on accurate. So Specter’s Senate career is over, or will be in January. And that’s good for America.

However, Toomey polls better against Specter than he does against Sestak. So that’s the down side. Toomey will have an uphill fight, especially since the national democrat party will be throwing its weight behind Sestak. And we know that the national democrat party has no use for honesty in political advertising.

A case in point is from the other big race around here, the one to fill the seat of Jack Murtha, another sleazebag. Murtha assumed room temperature in February, and there were multiple elections in his district. One was to fill the seat until January, and there were 2 party primaries to see who would face off in November.

Well, Tim Burns won his primary, but lost the special election to Mark Critz. Burns said afterword that his campaign had learned some valuable lessons and would apply them in November. Tim, here’s a clue: When your opponent airs bullshit ads like this, respond. Letting your opponents mis-characterize your position on the Fair Tax without a response makes it seem like there really is something to their lies.

So try this:

Perhaps you’ve heard the ad accusing me of raising everyone’s tax by 23%. Well, you know how worried your opponents are by how dishonest they are. Here’s the truth: I want to kill the income tax, both personal and corporate. And before anyone says anything about fat cats and corporate taxes, remember this: corporations don’t pay taxes – you do. Every time you buy something. Replacing the hidden taxes in the cost of what you buy with a single, clearly labeled, sales tax lets everyone see just how much government costs. And puts you in the best possible position to answer this simple question: Now that you see what government costs, are you getting your money’s worth?

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