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The smell of stupidity

There is a completely delightful spy movie called Hopscotch that was released in 1980. It starred Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson. The movie came to mind as I was watching TV tonight, because a commercial prompted the recall of one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Glenda Jackson plays a retired spy, Isobel von Schonenberg, who is being tailed by a couple of CIA buffoons. At one point, her dog starts growling at one of her tails, and Isobel turns to him and tells him that her dog “detests the smell of stupidity.”

Now I could be writing about recent political events, many of which also reek of stupidity, but I find them mostly too depressing to write about. Democrats are calling Republicans hostage takers (terrorists), and Republicans are subsidizing unemployment, and Democrats are talking about tax breaks for millionaires, and Republicans are…whatever.

We all know the talking points.

No. I am inspired to write because of a commercial for a drug called Lunesta. You know the one. It features people trying to sleep despite the animated glowing Luna moth that’s in their bedroom. Maybe what I’m about to write about was there from the beginning, and I simply failed to notice it. Or maybe the commercial was changed to add this text to one of the scenes. I don’t really know. But I suspect the latter. Here it is:

Not actual patients.

Why is this in the commercial? I’m guessing that it’s the result of some government bureaucrat calling up Serpracor (the drug company that makes the stuff) and telling them they had to add that blurb. Or maybe it was a bureaucrat in Serpracor’s legal department. You see, in the mind of that bureaucrat, if that blurb wasn’t there, too many people would have gone on thinking that these were actual patients, and not actors.

So somebody thinks we’re that stupid. And I find that depressing as well.

There is something about that blurb that tells me more about society than all the talking points from all the bullshit artists in Washington. Like Isobel, I detest the smell of stupidity.

I think that Wonko the Sane was on to something.

fiat lux!

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  1. Tony

    What layout theme are you using for this? I like it.

  2. Kevin

    The base theme is called Ad Clerum, but I have made several modifications to it.

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